3D ring rendered under the cloth

One model - diversity of options

3D modeling gives you a lot of design diversity and is practical concerning cross-selling.  You bring us your jewelry model and we can visualize it in a million variations: with any metal and with any gemstone – it’s all up to you and your fantasy. 3D graphics is multifunctional – you can use one model as impressive key visual for your marketing campaign or effective video for promo action or your web presence. Computer-generated imagery saves also not only your time but your money – you do not need to organize photo shooting and pay for each photo. With only one 3D model we can render any of your requirements.

Front view on wireframe 3D diamond ring
Top view of wireframe 3D diamond ring
Side view of wireframe 3D diamond ring
perspective view of wireframe 3D diamond ring

Open the world of 3D imagery – no limits for modeling

We create 3D models from sketches, drafts or photos. Although we have been specializing on jewelry, we also offer our rendering services for any products – either you need a 3D visualization of a watch or a camcorder or any other product. Last but not the least is the possibility to get your model printed on the 3D printer. Whether you have a sketch of a broach or a ring – we render your product, print it in 3D format and deliver it.

Social Media: It’s all about getting in touch!

You cannot imagine modern marketing without Social Media. Indeed, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter & Co. enable us to get in touch with clients, to understand their needs, to get more consumer insights and to take care about corporate image.

Together we can concept a strategy for your social media marketing – from analyzing your target groups and thus, the corresponding social media platforms, the editorial plans, social media monitoring, content management to producing adapted content, like squared short Instagram videos or branding Facebook pages.

3D jewelry design in social media instagram

Be unique but various

A good portfolio is essential in our digital marketing space. It gives your customers better overview and understanding about your products and provides you with better competitiveness. You don’t have to possess the physical models – you can design on demand and thus save your time and improve your efficiency!

3D modelled jewelry on magazine pages

Printed media: it is still relevant in our digital world.

diamant.graphics offer you the whole bunch of pre-press services – whether it’s a corporate design products such as business or compliment cards or typical marketing instruments such as flyers, threefold brochures, printed ads or bill boards. Our graphic designers take care of the whole prepress process including CMYK conversion and color proofs.

Additionally, we offer corporate design and corporate identity development: logo, CD manual, 3d branding etc.

Virtual Reality: 360 degrees of seduction and charm

Virtual reality opens up great opportunities for jewelry industry. For example, you can place your product in any virtual room, watch and rotate it from any angle: 360° of luxury and pure interaction! You can make your gems flow down like a waterfall or you can provide your clients the inside world of your gemstones. Virtual reality helps your customers visualize your jewelry while shopping, creating a bigger influence on them. By giving clients a clear picture of how your jewelry looks like in reality, you help them to increase the confidence in purchasing.