Pink sapphire ring beforePink sapphire ring after

Devil in the details

Jewelry rendering (of 3D models) is a creative process that is similar to photography. However, unlike regular photography, 3D modeling allows to control everything what appears in the scene and presents products quickly and realistically in every tiny detail. Thus, for instance, some clients may want to include different combinations of colors, backgrounds, textures, or scenes. This can be easily done with 3D modeling.

3D product renderings offer some more advantages over photography: they can be less costly to produce, they can highlight details that might otherwise be difficult to capture, they can illustrate something that doesn’t even exist yet, and they can be edited more easily at a later time if something like a color scheme or feature changes.

3D modeling process illustrates three-dimensional scenes as pictures, taken from a certain location or perspective. Using professional software, the principles of geometry, and an extensive process of lighting, shading, texturing, and eventually rendering an image our digital artists create photorealistic images that in most of the cases are almost impossible to distinguish from an actual photograph. 3D rendering could also add the simulation of optical effects such as light refraction or motion-blur seen on moving objects. Another advantage of computer-generated imagery is that individualization of jewelry is possible and has no borders. Get your custom-designed jewelry in a fast timely matter and at a great price.